Tech Tuesdays is a complimentary webinar series featuring services and products we provide, here at Out of the Box Technology. We have a collection of webinars also featuring partners who provide third-party applications/add-ons for QuickBooks products - whether for QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. 

We are so excited to have been made a part of this, enabling us to provide a more diverse content offering.

I got the opportunity  to view past Tech Tuesdays, which make me especially excited to attend the Quarterly Updates for Recur360 - next week. Sit back and enjoy this look back on two I got to view, perhaps providing a glimpse of what you can expect with Tech Tuesdays - moving forward.

Are Tech Tuesdays Only About QuickBooks and Related Products?

No! While it's true Out of the Box Technology provides many services and products centered around QuickBooks Desktop,or QuickBooks Online,  I was immediately intrigued when I found a Tech Tuesday about marketing and graphic design solutions for your business.

The collection of videos have become the predominant method in the blog section to pass down actionable business and technology knowledge on your business' behalf. This doesn't mean written content, which served as the main delivery method when we were ebs Associates, is disappearing anytime soon. Better yet, this only strengthens the diversity in the ways we hand down what we know to empower business success.

How Can I Benefit from Watching Marketing and Graphic Design Solutions for Your Business?

The presentation provided by our colleagues Jennifer and Jonathan on marketing and graphic design definitely widened my perspective on how we can really empower success - in addition to what we've been doing already. For starters: Jonathan explained what we provide clients.

I was inspired when I observed services offered for many of the following aspects of your business:

  • Anything related to design in your company
  • Internal marketing aspects
  • Graphics for trade shows
  • Help establish a digital branding foundation
  • Website management, design and optimization
  • Video content creation and editing

These are only a handful of the things we can provide you in the design aspects of your business and website. If you want to learn more about how we leverage design to empower your success, just sign up to gain access to the recording!

Is There a Way I Can Learn More About Out of The Box Technology?

Understandably, things can get busy for you and your business. You just don't have the time to read through text. The nice thing about this Tech Tuesday session is it covered about as complete a scope of Out of the Box Technology offerings as you can get - in video format. You can fast forward (but why would you?), or rewind to let important points sink in much better; and continually think about how each offering can leverage your business towards greater success.

You get the ebs consulting and Out of the Box Technology consulting legacy in the accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks software landscape. Additionally, you truly have a one-stop shop in the realm of QuickBooks data migration and data conversion projects. But, I'm more excited about some aspects having caught my eye: custom app development and IT Services.

From the video, I learned we developed and have been providing Recur360® - an automated recurring billing and invoicing solution for both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop users. More than that, we also deliver OurEvents - tracking and monitoring the happenings at events (trade shows, conventions, and the like) in the palm of your hands! What makes this awesomeness possible is our team of savvy, battle-tested developers who have the capabilities to learn you and your business, working hard to deliver customized solutions for your business.

Our IT Services consults with your business to assess the computing infrastructure you already have in place, with respect to your overall business goals; and will do what they can to advise and recommend on ways to improve what's in place, or see how you can transition into another infrastructure if determined as necessary.  Not only that, they will work with you to ensure tasks are carried smoothly and methodically. If you want to learn more about our offerings,  just sign up so you can watch the video.

What's Next for Tech Tuesdays?

Don't miss out on our upcoming webinar on Recur360® Quarterly Updates, happening on Tuesday - May 7, 2019.