If this happens to be your first encounter with Technology Tuesdays, we were adopted into it recently. It's exciting to be part of this, as this year has been dubbed "The Year of Out Of The Box". What this means is the webinars offered weekly are centered around us, products & services we offer; and products we utilize ourselves!

What Are Out Of The Box Technology Webinars Like?

Having attended the last couple of Technology Tuesdays myself, since the merger, you can expect these to be straight to the point. This allows us to allocate time for your questions - especially when what's presented or covered doesn't occupy the projected hour. Our recent Recur360® webinar did go above that, however, due to great depth covered by our presenter Barb. She thoroughly broke down each new feature having been added to product - most of those came through clients' suggestions.

She also adeptly caught up those who weren't familiar with Recur360®, explaining what it is; what it does; and how it can more greatly bridge receivables and remittances closer together. She demonstrated how it would work for users of QuickBooks® Desktop, and QuickBooks® Online, on top of that. From what I observed, you can manage different files and platforms from a single login. If you missed out, you can always view the webinar - as they have a recording available within the hour after, at the fastest.

Then the subsequent week featured a concise run through of proper bookkeeping practices we recommended attendees; and the services we can provide on a one-time or continual basis. It didn't require the depth delving into Recur360® did.  Naturally, this only went for half of the allotted time or slightly above that.

Is Exclaimer Signature A Product You Offer?

Exclaimer Signature is a product we are using to manage our email signatures. Our IT Director, Chad, gave attendees a walk through of how we use this product - especially with our climbing aboard Out Of The Box Technology. He pointed out key points of integration:

  • Office 365
  • On Premises Exchange
  • Google's G-Suite for Business.

You may appreciate the time you can save by using a signature handling tool, such as this. He conveyed it helped keep our signatures consistent and easily to be deployed - no matter what device we synced our email communications with. As long as those devices can carry one of the three accounts or services, your signature will appear in email you send through your PC, laptop, or mobile device.

He, then, demonstrated how customizable things can get in Exclaimer. It didn't matter if we were looking at timing customization and configuration, to template customization of signatures themselves. To see the product in action, you can view the recording having been made available - just an hour after the webinar wrapped up.

What's Coming Up For Technology Tuesday?

Our moderator, Jennifer, mentioned Technology Tuesday will be on hiatus during the week of Memorial Day. Things will pick back up the following Tuesday - June 4, 2019. I'm excited for the session on Mobile App Development, and Qvinci. To know we have a team who can provide you and your business customized applications for greater efficiency is exciting. I can't wait to watch that particular one. Qvinci is one I'm not too familiar with - personally. That will be another one I will eagerly anticipate. Whenever I do have the availability, I have been trying to catch up on webinars done previously. I'd hurry and reserve my seat - before time runs out.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since this recap, much has happened. Recently, we were granted the privilege to have our Technology Tuesday webinars grant live participants CPE credit.