For those in the middle of year-end, or just about to start, here's a rundown of important dates to keep in mind - courtesy of our friends at QuickBooks; and other sources (if applicable) you'll see below.

What Are Important Tax Deadlines and Quarterly/Year-End Dates I Should Know?

To start, each of the four quarters are broken into three-month periods - whose dates will be the following:

  • Quarter 1 (Q1): January 1 - March 31
  • Quarter 2 (Q2): April 1 - June 30
  • Quarter 3 (Q3): July 1 - September 30
  • Quarter 4 (Q4): October 1 - December 31

The end dates, noted above. are the last days for each of the respective quarters. As you see below, as well, there is a list of forms you'll want to keep in mind - for the forms you'll submit throughout the process.

If you want to "freeze frame," simply click on the image, and you'll be taken to the corresponding video, to take down the necessary dates to keep in mind.

QuickBooks has been gracious in providing QuickBooks Payroll users dates necessary to keep things running smoothly for year-end.
There is plenty to keep in mind as you complete year-end for your business.

If you want to print this out, also, head to the referenced page!

Is There a Way I Can Sync Tax Deadlines to My Outlook Calendar?

A colleague stumbled upon this, while searching for authoritative information on tax deadlines: the IRS gives you the choice to subscribe to the deadlines, or import an Outlook file you download.

The IRS gives us a couple of tools to stay on top of our tax deadlines for Tax year 20219.

What Other Resources I Can Utilize for Year-End?

We haven't had to take this out of the cabinets, until last year: our Year-End Resource Center. It contains resources for everything you need to know regarding Year-End procedures.

If you seek further guidance throughout, we're here to help you! Just give us a call or email.