Sometimes you’ll find that your balance in QuickBooks does not match your bank statement after a monthly reconciliation (you are doing your reconciliations monthly, right?) and that you need to undo your previous reconciliation to get to the bottom of things. Prior to undoing a reconcile, we recommend a backup AND printing out your previous reconciliation reports, just in case you need them for historical data. To print these reports, we want to open Banking>Reconcile>locate discrepancies>previous reports. We suggest printing out the detailed and the summary, as you might need both.


To Begin down the path of undoing the reconciliation from our previous bank statement. This can be done from Banking>Reconcile>Undo Last Reconciliation.

As you can see, we are prompted before moving forward with undoing the prior reconcile. We also are warned that we should take a backup, as well as some of the changes that will take effect after the reconcile is undone.

While this is a straightforward process, we always recommend backing up your data prior to making any changes inside the QuickBooks company file. In the reverse of things, if you need assistance reconciling, give us a call!