As we reflect on the last year here at Out Of The Box Technology, it is humbling to realize all that we have to be thankful for. 2019 was such an impactful year, not only for what we were able to accomplish, but for the people who made an impact on us; our clients, our partners, our colleagues, and our families!

First and foremost, we are forever thankful for our clients. Our clients really are the best. There are some of you who have been with us since the very beginning, and some who have just begun to work with our team. Whether a client is coming to us for help getting their QuickBooks files in order, needing a custom mobile app, a complicated data migration, or a streamlined solution for their franchise, Out Of The Box Technology is a trusted solution for so many, and we thank you for putting your business in our hands.

Throughout 2019, we have developed relationships and joined forces with organizations in this industry that have elevated our brand and service offerings to a whole new level. Whether we are talking about bringing powerhouses like Dawn Brolin, Jacqueline Dailey, and Vicki Borror under our umbrella, or the numerous companies who graciously name Out Of The Box Technology as their #1 recommended QuickBooks Service Provider, and recognize our company with awards like Intuit's Trailblazer Award and Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America, we are forever thankful for these relationships. As a technology company, it is easy to get lost behind the devices we depend on. But the reality is, what we most rely on, and appreciate in our business, are relationships. So to those of you who have joined us in the driver's seat this year, and you know who you are, a big thank you to you and your teams. We couldn't do it with out you!

When asked to share what they were thankful for this year, the biggest response from the staff at Out Of The Box Technology was FAMILY. From their family at home, to their work family, to the families they have made for themselves, it is clear that the team here at Out Of The Box Technology holds these loved ones close to their hearts, and are grateful to be able to do life with them.

So from all of us at Out Of The Box Technology, thank you for being a part of our family, and we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!