A Guide to Custom Reporting in QuickBooks

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March 12, 2019

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A Guide to Custom Reporting in QuickBooks

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Sometimes numbers can be just too overwhelming for a business owner. How much money is in the bank? How much money do we owe? How many inventory items do we have? How many need to be shipped? The good news is there’s a way to gain control by understanding reporting in QuickBooks, particularly Enhanced Custom Reporting.

The different versions of QuickBooks (Online, Pro, Premier, Enterprise) all have different reporting capabilities. But how do you know when your company needs Enhanced Custom Reporting for QuickBooks? Here’s a checklist:

  1. Your business intelligence is done on the back of a napkin during lunch.
  2. Decision oriented reports are not timely and are generated with manual manipulation of the data.
  3. Managers of various departments have their own ways of evaluating data and making critical decisions and do not coordinate with other department managers.
  4. Red flags, such as lost sales orders, cancelled sales orders, late shipments, and late payments, are buried in accounting data and not easily identified to enable corrective action before it is too late.

The results of continuing the business practices above can be detrimental to your success. Each company should identify critical success factors and design custom reporting that supports critical decision making with enhanced business intelligence. Come hear from our very own reporting expert as he dives into a solution he really stands by, Alpha Five. Alpha Five is a relational database management system and rapid application development platform for building desktop, web and cross platform mobile applications.

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